Things to do

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local activities


Bengtsfors is a centre that has lots to offer. The lakes are all around you and wether you want to go for a swim in a secluded spot or enjoy one of the communal swimming places, you will find them. Take a canoe and paddle for a picnic to one of the nearby islands. There you will find shelter and a fire place. But do take care of the fire ban that they might impose during the summer. For those more adventurous, overnight trekkings are also possible, we can supply waterproof bags for your gear.

Another great way of seeing the area is by bicycle. There are a few long distance routes coming through Bengtsfors, but those who want to take the bike out on an afternoon, will always find a summer cafe to stop for a coffee.

Take the kids to the local moose park or go on a hike following the signposted paths. Cycle the old railroad to Gustavsfors or take the tourist boat to Håverud, there is something for everyone. And when you arrive back in town, sample a beer at the local hotell or an ice cream in town. Or even better, try to get hold of some fresh smoked salmon in Krokfors.



20-50km range


Enjoy the old charm of the city centre in Åmål, with a drink in the gardens from the XO cafe. Take a tour to Håverud and come back over Swedens most winding road, stopping at the rock carvings in Högsbyn.

Catch the ferry across Stora Le in your way to Halden in Norway. on top of this old fortress you will have magnificient views of the fjord below you.










50-150km range


A trip to the West Coast must be on everybodies bucket list! Do leave early in the morning because there is plenty to do. Climb up the viewpoint in Fjällbacka and try to spot some of Camilla Läckbergs and Ingrid Bergmans favorite spots. Marvel at the archipelago in front of you and let your dreams run free. Carry on to Grebbestad where you can get marvelous sea food. You can eat in one of the fancy restaurants or get a take away and find your own perfect spot on the rocky coast.

If there is money left on the credit card, drive on to Smögen. Here, all the old fishing shacks have been turned into cute little seaside shops. And if the credit card does overheat, there are plenty of places where you can have a swim in crystal clear water. There are so many place to discover for those who want to venture out. But do stop at the rock carvings in Tanum and make up your own opinion about what they were meant to be.

It might be late by now but do keep your eyes open on the way back. There is always the possibility that a moose might appear along the roadside.





The roads in Dalsland and along the West Coast are some of the most beautiful Sweden has to offer. With little traffic you can really enjoy your day out. Being motorbike enthousiasts ourselves, we can give you plenty of tips and have a garage and tools available for those staying.












four seasons


Most people will come to Sweden during the summer holidays. But for those who are prepared to put on thermal underwear and a woollen jumper there will be a perfect expierence. Days are shorter but the autumn colours make up for that. A snowcovered landscape awaits those who come out during the winter months with the possibility of spotting the northern lights. And maybe best of all, you will have the whole country to yourself.